Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Back in the garden

My columnea is in flower at present and providing a wonderful splash of colour at the front door. I know I have shown a picture of a pot of nodding violets before, but this one is even better, and it has looked like this for well over two months. I have been using a different fertiliser and think I may have cracked the jackpot. Whatever, I am happy for it to keep right on going.

My garden now has a couple of extra things in it. Yeaah, my copy of Maggi's book has arrived, so I have become a magazine destroyer also. I know I am starting much later than the rest of you, but as Bill said to me, we live in the tropics so degradation should happen much faster. I have only had time to dip into reading the book since it arrived yesterday, but I really hope to start experimenting tomorrow. It looks very exciting. I saw I need quink ink in the requirements, and was heaving big sighs as my usual suppliers of that ink here in Mackay no longer carry it, said there was no call for it - well, they didn't know what we do with it, did they. I let my fingers do the walking and finally found another newsagent with two bottles in stock, one black and one blue - now they have none!

This is the very interesting ATC which Jenny sent to me for the embellisher swap - I don't think Jenny has a blog. As Jenny said, although we all did the same course, our finished products look totally different. Years ago, (more than I care to remember), I went to a workshop with Gabriella Verstraaten where we were making an evening bag. One of the participants lived out of town and had no access to shops, so the convenor bought double the quantity of everything she was using, and they shared equally. At the end of the day, the two bags were totally different colours, and we all found it incredibly hard to believe they were made from the same materials. This was long before digital cameras so I can't show any photos of them.
I'm off to finish a couple of things, may have more to show tomorrow. Cheers...........................
this is now tomorrow! I pressed the wrong button and lost the lot then couldn't get from edit back to compose.....grrrrrrrrr! I need to take a couple more hours to learn this technology, but then I am not creating in my studio, which is much more interesting.


  1. Robin your plants are so beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous blooming things in your part of the world.

    I've given you an award on my blog.


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