Tuesday, 21 October 2008

ATCs sent off

Dale's latest embellishment group has organised an ATC swap and these are the ATCs I have sent off. I think some in the group had never heard of ATCs before so it is a brand new experience for them. I am looking forward to seeing the six I will receive in return

All of these are primarily done with the embellisher, though with these three on the bottom I used my hand felting needle to attach the yarn around the tiles. I was not particularly happy with the background - I didn't read Dale's instructions properly and used vleisofix (bondaweb) rather than gossamerfuse (mistyfuse). apparently with gossamerfuse the foil coverage is a bit more speckly and not so overpowering. I shall remember next time!

................much later....I had to run away at this point as Bill needed my computer for use with a visiting surveyor - well I say mine because I usually use it, but let's face it, the computer is part of his office network so of course he has first say in it.
I went to the eye specialist today and came home with good and bad news. He says my sight in my left eye is now two lines better than when they last tested it three months ago - very good - but........the latest research says that if the injections are stopped the sight will gradually deteriorate again so I guess for the foreseeable future I will be having monthly injections into my eye. Not my favourite thing to look forward to, but streets ahead of going blind. thank goodness the Government sees fit to subsidise the cost of the drug - goes from over $1000 per injection to $5. That is quite a difference.
We have had nearly a week of very strong winds now, the potplants are drying out while I look at them. Showers promise every day, but we have only had a vew millimetres and the wind negates any benefit from that. Bill has been getting very cross, he has been trying to map our Botanic Gardens with some surveying GPS equipment and the wind is so strong it is hard to hold the staff vertical to get a reading. He has managedto get a few points though and is now learning to put the data into the computer. I simply admire from a distance and admit I can't do any of it. I think I will stick to painting and sewing - much easier.
Time for bed, when I shall have a good look at my latest copy of Quilting Arts which arrived in the mail today, more inspiration for whenever I find the time. Cheers.


  1. love the atc's, not sure about the injections, but at least as you say it is better than going blind, I am always afraid of what my optometrist is going to tell me.
    Love those shimmering mists.

  2. Have just discovered your lovely blog after you left a very kind comment on mine - thankyou so much. I love your work and have really enjoyed scrolling down to read your news and see all the photos. The ATC's are fun, the yarns are gorgeous, your embellished pieces are beautiful and those fairy shoes are magical. I must find you again soon and keep up. Good Luck with the eye treatment - it doesn't sound very pleasant, but extremely worthwhile.


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