Friday, 24 January 2014

Random act of kindness (RAK)

Penny had this on her blog and I think it will be fun to join in.
Here is how it works, the first 5 people to comment on this post will at some time through the year receive some small art work, fabric or paint, from me and to do this I will need your snail mail address. What you then do is Pay it Forward and in turn agree to do the same for another 5 people. It can't be too hard to get 5 people who are happy to receive something unexpected through the year and then repay it to another 5 people. So lets play.
The photo above is a brooch I made several years ago, but could be a sample of what I might make.
I have been glued to the TV at night for the last week watching the tennis - and on some nights flicking to the cricket as well.  I have been knitting a sock at the same time, but turning a heel and watching exciting tennis at the same time is not an occupation I recommend - I had to unpick a couple of times! thank goodness I have turned it now so shan't be interrupted when Federer and Nadal play tonight.  I think that may be a better match to watch than the final on Sunday night somehow.
We still have no rain here, but this is our Australia Day weekend coming up and for most of the 46 years of our marriage, Australia Day has been quite/very wet.  School returns on Tuesday and that is another indicator - sure to create maximum chaos and misery for all the newbies!  My garden will be happy though.


  1. The random act of kindness idea is bound to catch on, though at present I am cutting out any commitments and just enjoying a bit of 'time out'. I hope you get the rain your garden needs and that it wont spoil things for too many other people if it does arrive.

  2. I hope you get some takers Robin. I have recently subscribed to another one so will have to decline this time.


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