Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jock and crabs

As usual on my birthday we had mudcrabs and oysters for dinner, along with some good wine!

 Also as usual, Bill put the crabs on the floor to see Jock's reaction.  he was not nearly as scared of them this year.  In fact I think he was rather hoping Bill would give them to him!
there was not a chance of that, they were far to nice to share.

Have any of you had to prove your identity lately?  Just before Christmas I thought I had had my wallet stolen (I hadn't, but that is another story).  Of course there was a frantic search through the house and car, then I had to ring to cancel my credit cards etc.   When Bill came home, I needed to go out, but of course we realised my driver's licence was in the wallet, so I couldn't drive. I rang the department of transport to see how I could get a replacement card,  when they of course said I had first to prove my identity.  Well I have a passport, but that only sufficed for part A - not nearly good enough on its own!  Did I have a rates notice - no, Bill owned the house before we were married and we never bothered to change that.  What about an electricity account - same deal.  How about my tax return - that goes through our accountant with his PO box number and our PO box number on it.  I was getting a bit desperate by this time.  What about my medicare card - that was in my wallet of course.  The woman to whom I was speaking suggested my birth certificate, but of course that was in my maiden name so was no good either.  Finally I remembered one of the credit card accounts is in my name and our street address, and of course Bill's medicare card has the same number as mine, so I scraped up enough points to qualify for a replacement licence - which took two weeks to reach me.  In the meantime I had a sheet of paper in the glove box saying I was qualified.  That didn't worry me, but I felt sorry for an eighteen year old I met the next day.  She had applied for her driver's licence, which she wanted to show she was over 18 as well as saying she was qualified to drive.  The department lost her card so instead of taking two weeks it took over four - and this was when all the Christmas parties were happening!  She also had the piece of paper so she could drive quite legally, but that had no photo ID.
Sometimes I wish we could go back to 'the good old days', but  I suppose really they were not as good as we think we remember.


  1. Jock looks very interested in those crabs. Lovely supper. The old days might not have been so good in some ways but were certainly a lot simpler.

  2. What a performance to have to go through. I'm glad you were able to sort it out in the end.

  3. I agree with heather, things were simpler in the old days.

  4. boveybelle here from Codlins and Cream. Just popping across to say Hi, and thanks for your comment on my blog. Looking at some of your photos, I am now DEEPLY envious of Danny and his travelling! I have only had fresh crab once in my life, on the Channel Island of Guernsey, but the memory lingers on!

    I see you do crafting too, so we will have to keep in touch.


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