Saturday, 11 January 2014

A few flowers from my garden

There is absolutely nothing creative happening around here at present so I thought I would put up a few photos of what is flowering in my garden.

 I planted this Impomea - Cardinal flower - only a few months ago and we were absolutely amazed at the speed with which it grew. It has now been flowering like this for over a month.  I can't wait till next year when hopefully it will have covered the trellis completely and will be covered with these beautiful flowers.
 Our Allamanda is always a show all summer, we planted this when we were first married, every so often it needs a good hack back, but it keeps on growing!
 The Ixora is also a long term resident and is cut back by about two thirds every couple of years.  This plant thrives on neglect - I like those.

We have been watching with horror the pictures of the awful weather in the northern hemisphere, but we have been having our share of horrible hot weather here - thankfully no bushfires in the Mackay area to go with the heat however.  We had some wonderful rain yesterday, with still a few showers today, which has cooled the temperature down to  a very comfortable 24 - 25 degrees, especially as there is a strong breeze blowing.  Some of the western Queensland areas have had temperatures up to 49 degrees for days on end - that is definitely hot!  They have had some rain too, but not nearly enough to break the terrible drought they are suffering.  Life on the land can be very cruel.

I had to add this photo of our son Stuart and granddaughter Hannah taken when they visited Australia Zoo - they were both really excited by the experience. 
Hopefully I will be back again before too long, and perhaps I may even have managed to make/paint/ do something creative!


  1. Nice to see you back. Lovely also to see some beautiful flowers from up here in the Northern hemisphere where flowers in the gardens are few and far between. Beautiful photograph of the cheetah and friends!

  2. The cheetah is magnificent!

    A lovely post to cheer the hearts of those still in the grips of winter. Your garden flowers are beautiful.

  3. Glad you are not so hot and you have had a bit of rain, we are heading into 40's next week.

  4. Your garden must look beautiful - those plants are so lovely. I am watching our spring bulbs just pushing through the soil and looking forward to seeing them in flower. We have had atrocious weather but no real winter yet - I'm sure it will arrive eventually. Everywhere around the globe seems to be suffering extremes of one sort or another - poor planet.

  5. Your garden flowers are gorgeous, tropical gardens seem very luxuriant and colourful. Thanks for commenting on my sun prints.

  6. Your plants are so pretty and bright in the garden. I haven't heard of Ixoria for ages. It was always an old favourite. Things do grow well up in the tropics dont they.


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