Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Distracted again!

I have been very slack about posting - again.  The cricket and the tennis have been responsible.  The Australian Open is being played in Melbourne this week and there have been some very exciting matches.  I even have the TV on while I write this in the late afternoon as Nadal and Dimitrov are playing their quarter final.  Thank goodness the weather is a lot pleasanter for them this week than it was last week.  Playing in 45+ degree heat was really cruel.

The hot weather is making its way up here, but only in the mid-thirties with high humidity and that is very unpleasant.  Still no rain, but my Murraya has suddenly come out in full bloom overnight.  The old hands say that means rain is on its way.  I am not convinced, but I hope they are right.

 There were only tight buds yesterday!

Jock and I went for a walk in the Gardens yesterday, the first time for a while.  Click on the photos and they should enlarge.

 The ducks took no notice
 The Monsoon Waterway was working beautifully

 The red-fruited Vitex looked spectacular.

 The pelicans were simply enjoying the view

and this one was sitting on another pump in the late afternoon.

Now I had better get out into the garden to do some pruning so I can load it into the bin before the rubbish is collected tomorrow morning.


  1. The gardens are looking as beautiful as ever Robin and I am struck by how English the lake looks complete with ducks. I don't envy you having to cope with that humidity and hope you get some relief soon.

  2. Lovely reading of a warm climate in our cold winter days.

  3. I wish thouse beautiful gardens had been in Mackay when I lived there almost 50 years ago.
    I am always very impressed that you know all the botanical names of plants.

  4. I agree with Heather, it is looking very like England.


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