Sunday, 9 June 2013

Birthday party and some garden snaps

I have had a wonderful morning today - there was a birthday party for ten year olds organised as part of the celebrations for our Botanic Gardens.  Thirty children registered and they had a fantastic time.  I was supervising a treasure hunt in the shade garden where the kids had to look for all sorts of interesting plants and butterflies etc.  Other activities included planting a seed in a pot (to take home later) and then decorating the pot, fence painting, negotiating a maze, and various outdoor games.  The very last activity was to decorate cup cakes with icing and a variety of bits and pieces - then eat the results!!  There were some sticky messes to clean up later, but what fun.  I am glad there were no more than thirty, that was enough chaos.

We were so lucky with the weather - Miserable misty rain set in about 5 minutes after the cakes were distributed!  The kids were so creative with their decorating too.

 This lovely Costa Potierae is flowering in the Shade Garden, a closeup below

 I have a Sasanqua camellia in my garden which has been there for about forty years and I keep threatening to dig it up and remove it.  Then I get a few lovely blooms like this and it is spared for another year.
 My tree begonias are giving a bit of bright colour and the Whitfieldia below is wonderful for providing flowers for the house.
Watering and taking a few photos is as much gardening which will be done by me till sometime in August.  I can't risk getting any cuts or scratches at this stage, no broken skin is allowed in surgery.


  1. What a great day those kids had. A lovely idea and a clever combination of education, entertainment and fun.
    I'd love a tree begonia. I have to overwinter the ones I grow and they are only pot size. I also like the little fibrous begonias which flower all summer till the winter weather gets them. Even then the odd one or two survive. Take care - well you are, by the sound of it.

  2. What an absolutely lovely idea Robin Mac - I shall pass it on to our local nature reserve.

  3. Sounds like a chaotic, but memorable day! The flowers are beautiful.

  4. Always good to see youngsters getting involved in this kind of thing. I'm not surprised that you find that camelia so hard to get rid of, it is beautiful.


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