Sunday, 23 June 2013

A magical day

Yesterday The Friends of the Botanic Gardens visited Cape Hillsborough again - about an hour's drive north of Mackay, this time to look at the flora and fauna on the Mangrove Boardwalk which has been built through the low swampy area, then leading through higher grassy open forest before returning to the carpark.  I stayed at the picnic area and set up for lunch, I was not prepared to take the risks of falling and cutting myself on the rocky pathways, but my daughter in law took some photos which I will show you.

 Nikki took this photo on the beach - the sand is full of iron pyrites and glistens gold in the sun - our children always thought the beach was made of gold.
 The pictures are out of order, but this shows some of the grass trees and the dry scrub around them.
 This would have to be the largest green ants' nest I have ever seen - the other name for them is weaver ants as they weave the green leaves together to form their nest, then move on when the leaves dry out.

 Hamish and Alexander enjoyed the walk as well
 This aboriginal midden.  There is probably over a metre and a half of discarded shells here.  It would have served as a meeting place where local people could gather bush food and shellfish and would also have served as a place of education, a spiritual area and probably a place of initiations.
 Although I did not venture down onto the beach, this was the sparkling view of the sea in the morning, taken from the picnic area.

The rest of us were all cold, especially when a chilly wind blew up after lunch, but the intrepid grandkids had to go for a swim!

 One of our Friends lives in the area and invited us all to visit  on our way home.  This is the stunning view from their front garden.  Do click on the photo to enlarge it. That is Cape Hillsborough looking for all the world like a giant crocodile!
 They have about 3 acres of bush, with a walking path through some of it; most of the property is still undeveloped at this stage.
 The bath was there when they bought the property, thankfully there is an indoor shower with hot water supplied - that outdoor cold water bath would be a very chilly experience at this time of the year!
We had all filled up on a very tasty barbecue lunch, but when Caroline provided such a luscious afternoon tea of course we couldn't leave it!

A lovely end to a fantastic day, glorious sunshine, after a miserable overcast, drizzly day on Friday.


  1. Such interesting photographs - not lease because the whole place looks so very different from here in the UK.

  2. A wonderful post Robin and your daughter-in-law's photos really captured the essence of the occasion. I was fascinated by the weaver ants' nest and the aboriginal midden, and can imagine children thinking that the 'golden' beach was a magic place.


  3. such a lovely day, I would love to come up your way one day, once I get over these few weeks and I hope all will be well. I will be glad when my upset tum gets better. John keeps telling me its not yet a week since the op!!

  4. What beautiful photos. The weaver ants' nest is amazing. I don't think I would ever tire of that view from the garden.


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