Sunday, 2 June 2013

A workshop and a question

No photos today.  I have spent most of the day at a workshop learning bookbinding techniques, and now I feel quite exhausted.  We had a lot of fun, but the room was remarkably quiet a lot of the time, even though there were 14 people working away - we were all concentrating hard!  We made a sample book using Japanese stab stitch, another concertina book (can't remember what the stitching technique was called) and then made (?) a book using Coptic stitch.  We were using a very heavily waxed thread and I got into all sorts of trouble with tangles in it - I have almost but not quite finished the book, but at least I know what I am supposed to be doing and I will unpick and finish it properly over the next few days so I can understand what I am supposed to do.  I am not sure if I will ever use that technique anyway, the other two look more like me I suspect.

Our email address has changed and I have been trying to find out how to alter this on my registration with blogger - and getting more and more frustrated.  I think I have finally changed my email address for notifications, but perhaps one of my readers knows something more than I do and can help me out.

We had a couple of miserable days during this week which produced some welcome rain, but now we have glorious sunshine and pleasant days - just the right weather for gardening and I am not game to get out there for anything more than watering.  I managed to get three large skin tears early this week, which my doctor says should be completely healed before the end of June.  I hope so as there will be no knee surgery if I have even a small cut - hence the reason I need to be so careful in the garden.  The branches of shrubs seem to leap out at me as I get older and my skin gets thinner.  At least with the cooler weather the weeds are not growing quite so fast.  Hopefully I will have some photos to show soon.


  1. Looking forward to seeing photos of your books. Binding is a very intricate and complicated business and I find it difficult to get a really neat result. No wonder you were exhausted after learning and making three different types of binding in just one day.
    Hope your cuts heal well in time for your surgery. Take care.

  2. Bookbinding can be so addictive. Looking forward to seeing what you produce from your new found skills.

    Continue to take care before your surgery and I hope that the cuts heal well.


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