Sunday, 16 June 2013

A visit to the beach

We live in a coastal city, but I very rarely visit the actual beaches, so today I took a drive to Illawong Beach, which is mostly known as Far Beach because the tide goes out so far.

 This photo is quite deceptive, I have zoomed in so you can see the coal terminal in the distance - it is actually about 20 km across the sea - you get some idea of the distance from the photos below.  The coal terminal is very large and has another terminal owned by a different company immediately on the other side of it.

The two islands in the distance are appropriately named Round top and Flat Top!  There used to be a lighthouse on Flat Top and up until 1940 all shipping coming to Mackay anchored off this island,  Lighters carried cargo and passengers from there to a jetty in Mackay.  There was great rejoicing when the man made harbour was finally opened.

I love these beautiful old paper bark (Melaleuca) trees on the foreshore at Far Beach.  When our children were small, there used to be a playground amongst them and we had many happy hours there.  The playground has been moved to the other side of the road now.

Today was a perfect winter day and there were dozens of people walking their dogs in the late afternoon.
the photos should all enlarge if you double click on them


  1. What a wonderful beach - lots of happy memories for you and your family.

  2. I love those paper bark trees Robin Mac. Interesting that you rarely go to the beach when you live by the seaside. I know quite a few folk like this.

  3. What a beautiful beach. I was surprised to be reminded that you live in a coastal city as you so rarely mention it. Glad you enjoyed your visit.


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