Monday, 3 December 2012

Kitchen happenings

Not much is happening in my work room these days, lots of half finished projects while other stuff takes over my life!
We had a flying visit from our Canberra based son a couple of days ago which was lovely.  He was in town very briefly for work.  That doesn't happen very often so we dropped everything else and made the most of it.

 I have made my second Christmas cake, one more to go.
 Our little orangequat tree has had another crop of fruit - all 15 ripe ones!!
I couldn't let them go to waste so this morning managed one pot of jam from them, and a little bit more!  There is another wonderful flush of flowers now, as well as some small fruit on what is still a very young tree.  You can see the grass is very dry around the bush, we have had no useful rain since early July so everything is very crackly around here.  Thank goodness we are not getting the hugely hot temps most of the rest of the state is having.  Mt. Isa in western Queensland has had 10 days so far of temps over 40 degrees, and it is not over yet.

My nephew from Dunedin in New Zealand is arriving in Brisbane tomorrow with his wife and small son.  They said they are looking forward to some warm temps, but I don't think they were banking on 39, which is the prediction!
He is part of the reason I am going away this week.  He has had three paintings bought by the Gallery of Modern Art to be shown in a new exhibition opening this weekend and they are coming over for a week.  We are all thrilled Graham's work is good enough to be chosen, and as we haven't seen them for over two years, we will enjoy catching up.
My sister celebrates her 70th birthday this weekend, so as I did not go down to look after her after the shoulder surgery (which was postponed) I am going to Buderim for a couple of days, then we will both go back to Brisbane for the weekend, with a special family lunch on Saturday, and another lunch with Graham on Sunday.  He will then then escort us around the exhibition - what fun! 
Hopefully I shall have some photos to share next week, not of the exhibition of course, but there should be a bit of sightseeing along the way, and hopefully a ride on the Brisbane river on the Citycat ferry.  That is a wonderful way of getting around and lots of photo opportunities.


  1. The cake looks yummy Robin, well done. Congratulations to your nephew with regard his art, and I hope the exhibition is a great success. Happy birthday to your sister. She is just ten years old than I am, as I celebrate my 60th this week. Talk again when you get home. It's so dry here, watering, watering and more watering, but I suppose you already knew that...........LOL.... Take care on your trip.

  2. Your cake looks good Robin and so does the orange jam - I bet both are delicious. It sounds as if you are going to have some lovely family get-togethers in the following weeks. Have a great time.

  3. That cake looks delicios. Congratulations to your nephew


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