Thursday, 13 December 2012

Along the Brisbane River

While my sister and I were in Brisbane we went for a ride on the City Cat ferry as far downstream as it went and then back to our starting point in the CBD - to late in the day to do the same in the other direction!  There were quite a few other tourists doing just the same, it is a lovely trip, as well as a very efficient way of getting into the city from the riverside suburbs.

 This was one of the other City Cats, I am not sure how many are in service
 The beautiful old Customs House, fully restored and now a restaurant I think, completely overshadowed by high rise offices.

 I was having fun with my panorama feature on  the camera
 The Story bridge still looks great.  When we were coming back under it there was a group doing the walk along the top of the bridge - a bit too steep for me now.
 This lovely old terminal must have been restored after the terrible flooding two years ago.  Most of the terminals were destroyed in the rushing water.
 When we returned we took a wander around the city centre.  This beautiful building is now a casino but used to be the Treasury building.
 Myers have their usual animated display over six windows, I have shown you two.  They have been doing this for over 50 years, except that it was Allan & Stark when I was at College.  Thank goodness Myer kept the tradition on when they bought out the company.  I love watching the little children's faces as they go from window to window.  All the characters move.

 Some quirky street art, I hope the pictures enlarge with a double click so you can see the detail better.
This is the People's bridge, a pedestrian bridge across the river to take you over to the Cultural Centre precincts on the southern side of the river - home for GOMA, State Library, Queensland Art Gallery, Museum, then across the road to the three theatres in the Queensland Arts Centre.  It is wonderful having everything grouped together like this.
Now I need to chase some hoses, we still have no rain and a very strong breeze blowing.  At least that is cooling.


  1. What a beautiful city and a lovely way to travel through it. Those window displays are magical and so cleverly done. I love the street sculptures - great fun.

  2. Hi Robin live in a beautiful part of the world, where life is beautiful.
    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year
    I greet warmly!

  3. Lovely photos, your panorama one is great. What a wonderful tradition that the store is continuing too.


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