Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A pictureless post

I couldn't find an image of Christmas I liked to put up at the top of this post, so there is no picture at all!
The pre-Christmas list of things to do has grown shorter, I think I have made most things.  The pudding today was a bit exciting.  I always boil my pudding in a cloth, which means you need to keep the water boiling well to prevent it getting into the pudding and making it a soggy mess.  Well, I have now discovered that my wonderful new hotplates turn themselves off every so often, presumably if the cooktop is getting too hot.  I opened the cupboards underneath and had a fan blowing, it didn't feel hot, but it still turned off occasionally - so I held my breath when I took the pudding out of the boiler - and it didn't fall apart!  Now it is sitting in a colander till tomorrow afternoon when I shall wrap it in clingwrap and alfoil and pack it in my suitcase to take to Buderim with me.
While we are away someone is coming in to water my pot plants so I have been making sure they are all watered with wetasoil  and the garden beds are well mulched.  A wonderful Christmas present would be some gentle rain, but the latest forecast is for below average rainfall till next March!!! 

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas with everything you have wished for coming to you.


  1. I think all the rain clouds are this side of the Earth Robin! We drove through some splendid puddles today and there is water lying in some fields again. We would willingly send you some if we could. You sound well prepared for the festive season - have a lovely time and good journeys.

  2. If you wish hard enough then maybe some of our rain which is forecast will come over your side of the world Robin - we have certainly had enough.

  3. Merry Christmas Robin to you and Bill and have a safe trip to Buderim.

  4. Glad your oven didn't ruin your pud. We seem to have most of everyone's rain here. Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. Robyn, wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to future posts.


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