Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas in the Gardens and a birthday

Last night the annual event of Christmas in the Gardens was held, with beautiful weather and a very happy crowd of around 700.

 I didn't take many photos, I was too busy trying to keep up the supply of candles and song books and raffle tickets we were selling to raise money for Friends' projects.  These children have come to the front to do the Christmas hokey pokey - lots of fun.
 We start in broad daylight, going through till about 8.30pm when it is quite dark here in the tropics.
Thankfully we don't have daylight saving here, far too hot and horrible - I know it is great in the far south or far northern hemisphere, but not here thankyou.
Then today we had to attend our grandson Hamish's 7th birthday party, I can't believe he is growing up so fast.  He loves pirates so the theme was once again.....pirates!
 You can even get pirate inspired candles now, and a sparkler bent into the shape of a 7.
School holidays have started and many of his friends have already gone away so it was a small party.  The first present he opened was a pirate book with all sorts of foldout pieces and interesting pictures as well as good text.  I was so glad to see the kids wanted to go through every page of the book before any other presents were opened.
The fruit is soaking for my first pudding to be made tomorrow, then another one on Wednesday and we will be off to Buderim for Christmas on Friday, the days are vanishing too fast.


  1. You are certainly being kept busy at present Robin. Christmas in the Gardens looks like a lovely event and you had perfect conditions for it. Happy Birthday to Hamish and I hope you get all your jobs done before you go away next week.

  2. I'm glad you had such good conditions for the garden event. Happy Birthday to Hamish and how reassuring that the book proved to be a real draw to the children. Love those pirate candles - do any of them come in Jack Sparrow guise??

  3. Happy birthday to Hamish, albeit a little late. I have #2 son having one today [33]. It was a hot and wicked summer when he was born, things have not changed. I'm pleased we don't have daylight saving, couldn't bear it!! Love the Christmas party shots, and the kids are very interested in the gifts. Hope your Christmas is happy and safe. I'm very behind with my correspondence, but thinking of you and Bill, and sending you happy thoughts for the festive season.


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