Friday, 9 November 2012


We have seen the specialist and had a very satisfactory report.  Bill has some badly squished vertabrae in his lower back which have of course pinched the nerves, but he is recovering well with physio and hopefully will not have a recurrence.  I was hoping the doctor would say he was not to climb ladders and get onto the roof etc, but he only told Bill to be careful - one man to another!!!

We went for a slow walk today in the Botanic Gardens and I took my camera.

Lovely shade along the lower path now the trees have grown.
 Steps leading to another level
 Livistona palms line the path on one side and she oaks the other.
 The whistling ducks were having a ball.
 A very pretty bottlebrush from Eungella National Park in the hinterland
 with a closeup -
 and I have taken the vine arbor from both ends.  All the photos should enlarge if you double click.
I need to start collecting before and now images to show at events next year, our tenth anniversary. Everything has grown so much.


  1. Bill must have been in so much pain - I do hope it is mostly in the past now. Good to know it won't return - I'm sure he'll be careful from now on to make sure.
    The Gardens are looking beautiful in your great photos and I enjoyed your walk around them. We can see whistling ducks at the Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Centre quite near us. They have a large collection of waterfowl from all over the world.

  2. Pleased things are looking better. I am sure that gentle exercise can only do good.

  3. So good to hear Bill is making good headway. It's a long, steady recovery. Gorgeous photos of course, and I so love that vine walkway. Nice chat, thanks. Talk again soon.


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