Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I haven't quite vanished!

It seems an age since I have had anything worth posting about, but I have finally made a few items worth showing.  Most of my time these days seems to be taken up with health appointments of one sort or another - boring and time consuming but necessary.

 I have made some birthday cards and one Christmas card for my Fibre Fever group
 This will be the end for me with this group as I am retiring from it at the end of the year.  I have really enjoyed the interaction, but the pressure of producing something  at a given time about a given subject has got beyond me.  I am not nearly as talented as the wonderful artists in Europe!
 Today I received my Christmas card from Margreet, with beautiful hand sewing as always.
I have made a couple more glasses cases and bookmarks today, with some more in process.  I have finally had a whole day at home without having to poke my nose outside the gate - wonderful.

Jock was not happy though, we did not go for a walk this afternoon as I spent the time in the garden instead - he still had plenty of exercise chasing toys while I was there.  Tomorrow is our bin collection day and as we never have much rubbish to put into it we fill it up with garden rubbish, so Wednesday afternoon is pruning time - or weeding time.  It had to be watering time as well.  We have had very hot weather with strong northerly (very drying) winds and no rain.  Now I hear the forecasters saying we are likely to have a hotter and drier summer than usual in the northern part of Australia.  Looks like I shall be chasing hoses all summer.


  1. I have just been watching our lunchtime TV news and seen the flooding in many parts of the west of England. We have more than our requirement of water and would gladly send you some!
    I think you are very talented Robin, but being so busy it is hard to keep coming up with new ideas. Your cards and gifts are beautiful as usual and I always look forward to seeing them.

  2. I tend to agree Robin, tring to make things for a cetain time and on a theme dont seem to work for me any more, I think maybe its a time of life.
    We too are being told it wil be a hot dry summer already a few really nasty days of heat and wind, then back to cool, but no rain. I am now worrying about how our water will hold out.

  3. What lovely things you have made, as always. I agree with Heather about sending you some of our floodwater.

  4. I think your work is wonderful Robin. I always enjoy seeing the colours you work with. I do understand though that it's hard to keep meeting deadlines. Love your glasses cases. Hope this weather soon eases up. I'm tired of it, ghastly down here too.


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