Monday, 12 November 2012

High Tea and heritage

Last Saturday the Garden Friends had a special event exclusively for members - high tea in the cafe followed by a walk to the heritage Garden and a talk by a very knowledgeable local historian on the people and businesses which were in the area in the early days of settlement in Mackay.  Mackay has been settled for 150 years so there have been many celebrations throughout the year.

 This is a sample of the high tea.  The cafe specialises is local indigenous ingredients so there were some unusual flavours but all very yummy!  There was a selection of very unusual teas - Australian eucalyptus, macadamia, lemon myrtle etc - or if you were not game to try them you could have coffee!
 We were all supposed to come dressed for the occasion, but most of us didn't.  Kevin and Maya really got into the spirit and looked magnificent!
 While we were walking to the heritage garden I saw this fantastic skink in the pond.  It was about 9 - 10 inches long, and is the biggest skink I have ever seen.
 We were sitting next to the lagoon so I took a snap of all these birds while I was listening.  Click to enlarge and you will see them all, pelicans, ibis, a spoonbill, some black duck, a black swan and a moorhen - all busy feeding.  I hadn't realised the black swans were back till I took the photo.
 I took this photo because of the two shelducks which are in the picture.  We don't have them visit very often so it was lovely to see them.


  1. Wonderful pics as usual Robin, and it sounds like a wonderful celebration for the anniversary. How interesting to have unusual teas and flavours for the food - it all looks delicious.
    I hope the couple who dressed up and looked so good, didn't feel out of place if so many didn't bother.

  2. The high tea certainly looks lavish Robin. Our school here is celebrating it's 150th year next year, so our area isn't too far behind Mackay. I absolutely love all your nature photos of course, and the enlargements are so clear. The skink photograph is exceptional. Isn't it shiny, and so wonderful that he posed for you. Take care.


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