Sunday, 30 September 2012

Around my garden

There is nothing very creative in the textile field happening here at present.  I am having too much fun getting back into my garden after nearly two years of almost total neglect - other than watering!  It is wonderful  to be able to dig and kneel again.
 I hope these enlarge when you click on them so you can see the white fluffy flowers in the middle of the yellow ones.  The yellow shrub is so old fashioned you can't buy it in the shops any more, such a shame.  I know it as prawn plant or bellaparone, but when I googled it I saw it as shrimp plant or Justicea brandegeeana, but still saying you can't buy it!  It make the most wonderful splash of colour all through winter, in fact most of the year, especially now we have sun in our back garden again.  The white fluffy flowers were supposed to be pink, they are a lily pilly hybrid, and I planted the shrub there before I knew the shrimp plants were going to take over!
 This Brunsfelsia has a lovely perfume.  It is also called yesterday, today and tomorrow as the flowers come out a deep blue, fading to mauve after one day, then to white the following day.
 I have had this donkey's tail for about forty years, I have almost lost it on quite a few occasions, but now I seem to have found a place where it is happy.
 My graptophyllum is flowering really well, despite the lack of fertiliser (the leaves are quite yellow), or maybe it is the swan song before it dies!
 Once again our Schotia tree is full of very noisy rainbow lorikeets and lots of other birds.  They are very hard to photograph though.
 I really don't know why this Whitfeldia has managed to look so healthy.  It is a pot of cuttings I grew to give to a friend a year ago, then we both got sick and nothing ever happened.  Look at the flowers, much better than the parent plant in the outside garden.  I brought this pot out of the greenhouse to take the photo, obviously I shall have to move the other plant somewhere else!  First up, we need to start again with some of the garden beds which have set like concrete with tree roots. 
To finish up, here is Jock concentrating very hard and willing Bill to give him a macadamia nut which he absolutely adores!


  1. You have some really beautiful flowering trees and shrubs in your garden - I love the variation of colour in the Brunsfelsia. So glad you are able to enjoy gardening again. I have done quite a lot recently and need a day off today!
    Love Jock's rapt expression - they almost click their heels if a treat is on the cards.

  2. Isn't it odd how plants will be sickly for years and keep telling you that they don't like where they are, and then suddenly you put them in the right place and they thrive. Love that donkey's tail.

  3. All your blooms are beautiful Robin. Thank you for giving us something to smile about. Your photographs always enlarge so well. I am anxiously awaiting one bloom on a succulent - one little piece from a friend four years ago!! Jock does look interested, can't say as I blame him. Now, if I could just get Bill to toss a few my way, I'd be happy........just love them. Will write soon, very busy with watering - no rain of course.

  4. Your garden is looking fantastic Robin.


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