Wednesday, 10 October 2012

More from around our garden

I very much dislike this new system!  I have just lost a whole post when I  tried to put up some photos - why on earth doesn't blogger leave well alone.  This change seems to have happened in the last ten days since my previous post.  My next post would have been sooner but we have had some high drama around here.  Bill woke on Saturday morning (of course it was a weekend) with acute lower back pain and took almost three hours before he could manage to get out of bed and sufficiently dressed for our son to drive us to the casualty ward of the base hospital - not somewhere we would normally frequent but the only place where you can get XRays etc on a weekend.  They were very good, but by the time we finally came home 8 hours later all we knew was that he had acute muscle spasms in his lower back - but the Xrays thankfully showed no nasties like tumours etc.  Several days later we have racked up large bills from numerous doctor's appointment, an MRI, visits to the physio and chiropractor and he is little better, filled with painkillers and totally disgusted with himself.  We were supposed to be flying to Newcastle in NSW on Saturday, staying for a few days, then driving to Canberra via Orange - and area which we have previously passed through but never stopped to explore.  My sister was to come with us and I told her it is all her fault, these plane tickets have a curse on them!  This is the replacement trip for the cancelled trip to Bali in January.  We may still be able to change bookings again (at a cost) and fly to Canberra next week sometime.  Who knows........but old age seems to have caught up with us with a great big bang!

Now I shall attempt to load some photos again.  That is where everything disappeared last time.

 I hope these photos enlarge when you click on them.  This native orchid thankfully looks after itself most of the time, but does look great when it flowers.
 All the noisy rainbow lorikeets are in the flowering trees again,
 also the blue cheeked honeyeaters who are even more aggressive than the lorikeets.
We also have helmeted friar birds - very ugly but very interesting to watch.  These three honeyeaters seem to chase away all the smaller honey eating birds when they are in the trees, but the others com back eventually.

I have loaded these in firefox, which seems much easier than Internet Explorer to manage.


  1. I do feel for Bill, I hope you can manage the trip away. John is also complaining of back spasms. I had to go up a mg of cortisone but am not aching as much. Love the photos.I have used firefox for ages as our IT man suggested it ages ago. Outlook seems to have a lot of problems.

  2. Tell Bill I won't speak to him ever again if you don't come down next week--just kidding.
    I hope he gets better soon.

  3. Poor Bill - do hope he will soon be feeling much more comfortable. I think a good chiropractor is worth his weight in gold - we have a marvellous one.
    Your photos are great and the birds look so exotic compared to ours.
    I have had problems with the new system too and like to load all my photos first, then add the text. However, when I try to get the text where I want it I sometimes lose a photo, which drives me mad. As you say, why can't Blogger leave things alone.
    Hope you can soon take that trip.

  4. Hi Robin, Sorry to hear of Bills back pain. Have you thought of having "Bowen Therapy". I have found it miraculous for lower back pain like his. You might find a therapist by googling Bowen therapy/Mackay.
    I have bad memories of that casualty at the base hospital when the children were little....long hours of sitting waiting for attention with sick children.
    Your bush orchid is beautiful. The lorikeets have chased the little birds from the feed trays out at the farm which is a shame because the wrens and the other little birds were gorgeous.

    Hope you get to have your holiday.

  5. Lovely photos of course Robin. So very sorry to hear about Bill's back pain, nothing worse. I hope by now things have been sorted out and you are off on your trip. I am so sorry to have been silent for so long, and hope you and Bill are having a wonderful time. I haven't tried to post anything for a while, so not sure if the system will behave for me. Do take care.

  6. Robin. Don't feel bad about that. It really amazed me a lot. Now, I'm a bird watcher. Well, For now.

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  7. Not sure how I missed this post Robin but I am sorry to hear about ~Bill's back. I hope they are able to sort it out for him soon. Lovely photos as usual.


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