Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The postman has visited again

This lovely felt heart came in the post yesterday.  Jackie from Dogdaisychains gave it to me - I had sent her some tweed a while ago which I bought in Scotland and have never used.  The heart has been made into a brooch, but when I look at it I think I may thread a chain through it and wear it as a pendant sometimes.

 Jackie makes really beautiful felt pieces so do go to her blog to check it out.
 I have not been entirely idle, I have made a few of these organza flowers, some are brooches and some are hair pins.  I saw them on Linda Vincent's blog and she kindly sent me the link to a tutorial for them.  They are fun to make so I am hoping they will sell in the shop at the Gardens.

 Spring is definitely arriving in my garden.  I love these bedding begonias.  They keep on making a lovely show and can be neglected shamefully!
 I am fascinated by this little walking iris flower.  A friend sent me an offshoot in the mail last year, a tiny shoot, which has grown into the plant below.  Apparently it drops its flowering shoot to the soil and forms another plant.  I shall have to move it to a better spot as I need to rejuvenate this bed soon.  I think the plant originates in Brazil.
Double click on any of the photos to see more detail.


  1. What a lovely heart, lucky girl. I love your handmade flowers, they are really pretty. Thanks for the link. Your bedding begonias are so pretty, and I just love that little iris. I don't think my little bedding begonia has been without a flower for months and months, and now it's time to give it some good fish fertilizer and pull off a few scabby bits - the winter ills.
    Take care.

  2. I recognised you lovely felt heart as Jackie's work immediately - it is so distinctive. Your organza flowers are beautiful and sure to be popular. The begonias make me feel very much at home - they are so dainty but very tough too, often going through the winter here in UK. That little iris is lovely, irises in general don't like our soil.

  3. So interesting to read of all these flowers emerging when they are just beginning to die down here in the UK. Love the heart.

  4. Lucky you, Jackie's work is so beautiful and, as Heather says, instantly recognisable. Great job with the organza flowers. What a clever way for the iris to propagate itself, such a lovely flower.


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