Thursday, 6 September 2012

A visit to Brisbane

On Tuesday we had a quick trip to Brisbane, flying down in the morning and back again at night, a long but fruitful day.  Bill had a medical appointment in the afternoon and was very happy with the results.  Because we had plenty of time before the appointment we took the opportunity to visit the Queensland Art Gallery to see the incredible exhibition from the Prado in Madrid.  Photos were not allowed but I have scanned these two from the brochures
 I was completely blown away by the exhibition and was sorry we had such a short time to look at 100 paintings.  I loved the paintings which had lots of textiles in them, they almost looked as if the fabric was glued to the picture instead of being painted on!
 This is only the top half of this painting, double click on it to see more detail - superb.  I could have spent the whole day there, but only had a bit over an hour - much better than not seeing it at all.

This is a photo of the old observatory which is a landmark in Brisbane.  It was built by the convicts to crush grain, and initially was powered by either wind or a treadmill, commencing in 1828.  There was rarely enough wind, so the unfortunate convicts operated the treadmill to crush the grain.  In1861 it was converted to an observatory and signal station.  You could see right out into Moreton Bay and the observer would signal when a ship was entering the Brisbane River.  It hasn't been used since the late 19th century, but is heritage listed and maintained by the Brisbane City Council.

I had intended to wander around the city and take a few more photos, but we were both tired and footsore so just went back to the airport and read while we waited for our plane!


  1. You made good use of your time in Brisbane. The fine detail in those paintings is incredible - I am always fascinated by how well the lace is painted. Love the windmill/observatory and it's good that it is protected by being listed. Hope you have both recovered from your very full day and glad Bill had good news from his appointment.

  2. Oh lucky you,I really wanted to see that exhibition but were too early for it when we were up, so glad the results were ok.

  3. Glad that the news for Bill was good. What an amazing painting. It certainly does look so three dimensional, just like you could reach out and touch the folds of her dress. Thank you for the bit of Brisbane history, you certainly packed plenty in to your short time there.

  4. You certainly did fit a lot into one day!! Thankfully, the health news was good. I have seen that exhibition being advertised on TV, and have drooled every time I see the painting with the exquisite lacework. The mind boggles at the skill to do such things. Love the observatory photo and story. Perhaps it should have been built out here - we get lots of wind!! Take care.


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