Saturday, 11 August 2012

Visiting at the Botanic Gardens

We had dinner at the Gardens Cafe a couple of nights ago with some visiting friends.  The cafe has only been opening at night for a few weeks, the food is very fancy but tasted delicious.

 This is my dinner - I can;t remember all of it, but it was chicken wrapped in prosciutto with vegies and a wild raspberry sauce - from raspberries grown at the Gardens.
 I thought the dessert, balsamic strawberries with native rosellas and vanilla icecream would not be too large or too rich, but Bill had to finish mine off - which he didn't mind at all!
 I have shown you photos taken in daylight of the sugarcane wall, but there is now a spotlight on it at night with a very dramatic effect.
 Today we had a birdwatching walk in the Gardens for the Friends group and Maya had set up this wonderful collection of bird nests for us to look at.  She has collected them over a few years from various locations around Mackay.
 Some of them are really intricate and a few are just a mess!
I haven't done anything creative since before the Olympics started - sock knitting can happen while I am watching!  Some of it has been very exciting, but I think it will be just as well to get back to normal next week.


  1. Your dinner looks and sounds delicious. Beautiful photos as usual and I love those bird nests. I have nearly exhausted myself helping our athletes to win medals! My excitement has astonished me as I'm not sporty at all. As you say, next week we can all get back to normal, but it has been an amazing fortnight.

  2. Looks like a very tasty dinner. I find the way birds construct their nests fascinating.
    Glad you are enjoying the Olympics. I have restricted myself to the athletics in the evenings which have been very exciting.

  3. I tried to pass over the food quickly as it looks so delicious. Those birds' nests are exquisite - every one a work of art and what a lovely collection.

  4. What a lovely meal Robin, especially that dessert!! Love those nests, and I often can't imagine how such little things can master the art of home building. It won't be long and we should see our Tawnies back again. They are around, just hope they nest again close to the house. Sorry I've been AWOL, very pre-occupied with other stuff at the moment. Cheers.

  5. I got hooked looking at those scrumptious foods. It looks like a fine meal. Tasty and delicious to its core. Yum!
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  6. I can all of those foods on the table. Looks delicious. Thanks for posting this one.
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