Monday, 20 August 2012

A bit to show - at last

 Finally I have manged to do something a bit creative.  I have had my lovely Landscape dyes for so long I thought they would no longer be any good, but they still worked, and now I have several new scarves.
 The green and the fuchsia scarves were $5 scarves bought at the opening of a discount store in a new shopping centre here, lovely fine silk, but I have realised they have been sewn up with polyester thread, but I doubt if anyone else will notice it. 
This one was practising nuno felting.  Again it is so long since I have done any, I had trouble remembering what to do, and I could have used a lot more wisps of wool without making the scarf too heavy - perhaps another scarf coming up to refine the technique.  At least I have taken notes and photos this time for me to look up later!

We had 6 mm of welcome rain yesterday - the first for over a month.  We should be back to beautiful sunny days again for a while now - the sort of weather which makes you glad to be alive.


  1. What beautiful scarves Robin - those colours are glorious. I love the textures you get with nuno felting but have never done any myself. Glad your weather is settling down and I hope ours will do the same.

  2. Beautiful scarves - such luscious colours. Please have some of our rain - we would be delighted to pass it on to you.

  3. They are beautiful Robin. Glad the weather is finally behaving for you.

  4. Gorgeous scarves Robin. I must try those dyes, don't have them. So nice to see you having some creative fun time again. I am still knitting. Bit chilly here this morning.

  5. Hi Robin,
    your works are beautiful, inspiration, and everything is carried out, is simply beautiful.
    I'm sorry, but it was a holiday and I was not at home, and I already longed for his native country where he was born,
    I cordially greet, warm, wish you great ideas to the work of art.,

  6. OH! beautiful scarves you got there. i love collecting scarves too. thanks for sharing this one! i like the red one.
    waikiki family vacation

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