Saturday, 28 July 2012

Finally finished!

I have  been working (on and off) for the last three weeks or so on a workshop from Roben-Marie Smith called collage, construct, confirm.  This is the result:

 I have to admit I didn't enjoy this workshop and for much of the time I thought it was just an awful mess, but I am quite happy with the end result!  It started of with collage and paint on canvas and then more paint and oil pastels and various other layers on top of everything.

 I didn't bother to paint the journal pages as I have always felt it is better for the person using the journal to do whatever they want on the pages.  There is a pocket on the left side, which you can see in the bottom picture.

I know I took some photos of the canvas after the original collage, but I didn't like them and I can't find where I have stored them!  I changed a few things around, using a machined cord and a flower button made from heat shrink plastic as the fastener for the portfolio.

I have learned some new techniques while doing this workshop so it was not a waste of time, but not one I will bother to repeat.
Now I shall do something I will just like doing I think, not quite sure what yet, but a project requiring a lot of concentration while the Olympics are on, I want to watch them while I am working!


  1. Robin, I do like the end result of this project but I know what you mean about doing workshops that are not enjoyable.

    It is good to try new techniques but generally I think you know how to create what you want.

    Enjoy the Olympics.

  2. I love this journal/portfolio Robin - it was certainly worth persevering with. It's good to be able to extract the useful techniques from a workshop and do one's own thing with them. I find it hard to see how things will turn out when working in layers as you have done here. You really do need the courage of your convictions!
    I sat up to watch the opening ceremony last night and thought it was an amazing spectacle. Our press has been a real damp squib for weeks now implying it would all be overbudget and not ready in time, so people were nervous about it all. We should know better and never believe what we read in the papers!

  3. I think this is lovely Robin. I suspect that the course will turn out to have been more enjoyable than you thought as you put some of those new techniques into practice.

  4. The end result looks great Robin and I know what you mean about the class--been there done that.

  5. Lovely end result Robin and I'm sure that you will find that you can transfer some of the techniques into a medium that you prefer.

  6. Hi Robin, and sorry that I'm very slow with blogging lately. Your portfolio looks really nice, the colours are showing really well. I know how you feel about this project, but of course, we all take out of a course what we need. I don't think I'd rush to do anything like this again either. I hope you are enjoying the Games. There have been some amazing performances as always. Take care.

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