Friday, 24 August 2012

Book Parade 2012

This is Children's book week in Queensland - maybe all over Australia- I am not sure about that.  Every year Mackay City Council Library Services holds a fantastic parade in conjunction with the local Walkerston State School and the St. John's Catholic Primary school.  As My grandchildren attend the State School, of course I have to go to watch.  The theme this year was supposed to be "Your favourite story book character", but there were lots of TV and film characters. Perhaps they don't read much at home!

 Alexander is the Mad Hatter - a very happy one too.
 Hamish is easily recognisable as Harry Potter
 I don't know what this one was, but his parents had gone to a lot of trouble
 I love the witch.
 Here you can see quite a group of children in various guises
The teachers get into the spirit of the day as well!

And here is one last one of the two boys together.  All over for another year.


  1. What fun! I bet all the kids love it and most of the parents dread it, especially the ones who don't sew or are not very creative.

  2. What a super idea and what a good way to encourage children to read books, Robin.

  3. Alexander and Hamish look great. It is getting a bit scary how quickly each year seems to come round on your blog!

  4. Great photos, looks like fun, I dont think it happens here in SA.

  5. What fun photographs Robin. Your children look the part for sure. I just love book character parades, and have 'dressed' a number of participants over the years. Sorry I've been AWOL.

  6. Great photos, I love their costumes. They're so adorable. Thanks for posting!
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