Sunday, 15 July 2012

A day at the Botanic Gardens

 Yesterday we had a guided walk at the Botanic Gardens for the Friends group, followed by a BBQ lunch.  We decided to go ahead regardless of the weather, but were favoured with a very pleasant day.  The photo above is one of the waterfall features which I love.

The Gardens cafe has exposed beams under the roof of the deck, which the local wildlife likes to take advantage of, quite undeterred by the cafe patrons below.
 These photos are back to front, the top is a closeup of the possum sleeping high up in the rafters, he/she is the tiny speck above and to the right of the column in the lower photo.

 The python slept on while everyone was taking photos and trying to zoom cameras on their phones etc to get a closeup!
Our congea is in full flower again and the grey and gloomy days really show up the dusky pink flowers.  I don't know what has happened to the weather - July is supposed to be cold and dry, but it is wet and positively hot!  I am back to a T-shirt and shorts.  This is ridiculous.  Supposedly a strong southerly is about to blow the cold weather back again, I just hope it blows the rain away.  Our airport was closed for almost two days causing total chaos for travellers.  Thank goodness we are not planning on going anywhere.


  1. I love the waterfall and the congea is beautiful - so is the python but I'm not sure I would feel relaxed sitting at a table right beneath it! Our weather has been just as odd - we've had the wettest summer on record and not warm either. If your weather changes for the better maybe ours will too.

  2. Love the python, it is freezing here but I had to buy a t shirt while I was in Surfers.

  3. Lovely images as always Robin. The park water feature is so nice. Love the wildlife, and I'm sure they are a great attraction. Our weather is rather odd too, not much rain thankfully, but messing about for days on end. It's a beautiful day here today after quite a frost. I heard that you'd had lots of rain. Take care.

  4. Isn't the possum scared of getting eaten by the python?? The waterfall and congea photos are lovely. Looks like the weather is out of kilter everywhere.


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