Sunday, 22 July 2012

Phone photos

I have been practising with my mobile phone trying (mostly not very successfully) to take some photos.  I know it is a very good camera embedded into it, I just have to learn how to drive it properly!

The sun came out on Thursday afternoon so off I went for a  walk in the Botanic Gardens

 I was trying to zoom in far enough to see the egrets and a couple of royal spoonbills all congregated on that bit of a  peninsula in the middle  of the lagoon.  If you double click you may get an idea!
 This is out of focus, but I love these flowers - Phillip Island hibiscus.  The foliage is a lovely shiny green and the flowers come in bursts all year.  Apparently it is endangered on Phillip Island, which is a small island just off Pitcairn Island.
 I love the colour of the new foliage, on a lilypilly I think.
 The sugar cane growing in the heritage garden is arrowing well this year - looks a purply colour here, but seen in the sun from the other direction is a silvery shade.  I love seeing whole fields of arrows.  When we were first married almost all the cane arrowed every year, but that variety had to be removed as it was suscepti
ble to Fiji disease which almost wiped out the crops.  Bill thinks the crops which are arrowing now must be cultivars of that NCO310 variety.
This is a water feature in one of the gardens, with the sun shining through in spots.
I have taken till now to post this as I have had fun and games capturing the photos off my phone.  I need to have my grandson here to show me some more - he has the same model phone as mine, but he just fiddles and finds out how to do everything he wants to do - oh to be a teenager again!
Nothing much has happened in the creative area for a while - the sun came out so all the windows and screens have been cleaned, the stove has been cleaned, also the dog and all his bedding have been washed, plus a couple of bedspreads!  The rain is forecast to be back again by Tuesday, just drizzle, but most unpleasant and not what we are supposed to have in July!
Time to go for another walk, good exercise for my knee which is feeling really good, just need to sort my feet now.


  1. Wonderful pictures Robin. I love the hibiscus. I suppose it helps to have been born into a technological age and be able to accept all the latest gadgets. I am still struggling to come to terms with it all! Everyone of a certain age should have a teenager to hand!!
    Glad your knee is doing so well - good luck with the feet.

  2. Particularly like the sugar cane one.

  3. I think you've done very well indeed Robin, photos are great, especially the first one [it looks like a good scene for a painting]. Pleased to hear you are making such wonderful progress with your knee. It's supposed to be a little warmer this week.

  4. The photos are lovely, Robin. I particularly like the sugar cane one.

  5. Lovely photos Robin. I love the egrets all crowded together in that small space. Glad your knee is doing well.


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