Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Birthday time again

Gosh, it is nearly two weeks since I last posted, the time has simply flown!  Our grandson Alexander turned 9 last week and had a fancy dress party to celebrate.  His theme was Zombies and he tried to look as gruesome as possible for the photo.

 Hamish is still very taken with pirates, especially the blowup parrot, which did not stay on his shoulder for very long!
The DIY party shop came up with the goods in the form of a headstone for the tombstone cake!  They certainly do things differently these days.  The kids all had a good giggle over it - a chocolate mud cake hid underneath the icing.

 Of course they all had to pore over the present opening.  Alexander is besotted with Leggo, which obviously his friends knew about so he had lots to put together that night.
 One reason I have not posted for so long is that my sister had been up here visiting and the time has simply flown.  Unfortunately she brought the unpleasant weather with her.  We had really magnificent weather all over Easter and today, when she has gone home again, the weather has turned equally beautiful!  We still managed to have a lovely time without too much rain, just overcast and 30 knot winds blowing!
On Monday afternoon the sun sort of came out so we went for a drive and I took this photo looking into the sun at one of the beaches near here.  I rather like the effect - the tide was well out, so the sand looked like black strips.  I think the photos should enlarge if you click.
Now I need to get stuck into making more souvenirs before we go away at the end of next week to a conference in Cairns.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I shall have time to catch up on some blog reading as well.  I have missed it.


  1. Very sinister! ;-) Glad you've been having happy family time!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Alexander - love the costumes and cake!
    Lovely to spend time with your sister, whatever the weather. Your photo is beautiful.

  3. Your grandson is too handsome to look fierce. hope he had a wonderful birthday

  4. How time flies. The costumes and the cake are great. I think your sister sent the weather over here.

  5. Happy Birthday to Alexander, and congratulations to his mum for putting on such a great party!! Boys do love Leggo don't they.

    So pleased to hear you had a lovely time with your sister, despite the dreary weather. I do so love that ocean photograph, it's spectacular. It enlarges beautifully, thank you.

  6. Oh so wonderfullly grusome! Fab bookmarks & purses, oh & that view! We had similar stunningly lit greys last week. Good luck with your knee op.


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