Friday, 6 April 2012

My last page sent and some souvenirs

Ritva has received my Hundterwasser page so I can now show it to you.  You can enlarge all the photos by clicking - ad when you see the thread at the top left of the photo here, you will be glad to know that I saw it before I posted it and cut it off!  I forgot to take another photo though.
 I first heard of Hundterwasser from Dale at The Thread Studio, she is a bit fan of his.  There are amazing images on the web if you google him.  This rally is the last picture from This year's swap.  We all have some wonderful pages to put together in some form to display.  I just have to get around to doing it!

 I have been making a few more souvenirs to get my stocks up.  There are a couple of fairs in late May and of course I don't know how long I will need to recover from my knee surgery before I will be back at the sewing machine.
 The colours are not quite right in this photo, I have tried all sorts of editing techniques - the two lower cases should be a bit bluer than they are showing here.  I used evolon as the basis for them, just for a different texture.
I am quite happy with this notebook cover after being very disillusioned when I first made the fabric(?)  It is tissue paper and one of Lynda Monk's techniques, but to my shame I can't remember exactly which one, and of course in my usual slapdash fashion I didn't take notes of what I was doing.  I do know the slip is PVA glue set in a mould and then painted and gilded.  I like that finish.
Today is Good Friday, the start of Easter.  We had a brief shower overnight but the weather is glorious again today.  The south-easter has got up however and that usually brings showers in three days so perhaps we will have a wet finish to Easter.  Have a happy Easter and I hope you can all do all the activities you wish to do.


  1. Love the page, you have been busy.
    I am just home from my morning sitting taking money etc for our Mix it Up exhibition. We had over a 100 people through and lots of sales, not much of mine though.
    Awful weather, blowing an unforcast gale, trees down all the way home, luckily not right over the road. Still no rain, we need it badly.

  2. What a fantastic post Robin - you must be so pleased with everything here. Your Hundertvasser (is that the correct spelling!) page is wonderful, and I love all the souvenirs. They are all beautiful and will fly out of the shop.
    We had one day of gentle rain this week, but are back to sharp frosts and chilly days after all our recent warmth and sunshine.
    Happy Easter.

  3. You have been very busy Robin and as usual your work is gorgeous.

  4. Thank you Robin, for such an interesting post. I think all your work is terrific, so neat and well finished, as always. Love the page, such colour!!

    I hope your Easter was pleasant, and your weather up there a glorious as we've experienced here in the last few days.

    Sorry I've been AWOL, just vegeing out, doing very little.

  5. Gorgeous work as usual Robin


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