Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another page sent

There is no doubt I am learning a lot from these swaps.  This month's theme was 'your own mola'.  I had to google that one, turns out to be a special type of  reverse applique from Central and South  America.  This was as close as I could get to my interpretation.  I hadn't realised just how difficult I would find it to see properly, but never mind, the intention was good.

Spring has arrived and the garden is blooming.  This Anzac grevillea is a hybrid and is looking lovely.

This flower looks great, but the callistemon it is on has been a big disappointment.  I bought the wrong plant in the first place but didn't realise till it was a couple of years old.  It has always been a bit scraggy, and the flowering is never profuse, but it fills in a corner of the garden where other stuff does not thrive either so I have not bothered to pull it out.
The parrots have arrived in this flowering Schotia.  They are so hard to see it is quite incredible.  You can always hear their screeching though, not sure if they are squabbling or just greeting each other, we don't always appreciate it at 5.30am however!


  1. Robin, great work on your swap page. The colours are lovely - clear and bright. The flowers you have are beautiful too. I have a red callistemon which flowers profusely, just about ready to burst into bloom at the moment. I love the white one. Parrots do love to chatter don't they. The days are getting a little longer, even noticing it lighter earlier in the morning now. Take care.

  2. I love your mini mola Robin - the colours are so vibrant and really sing.
    The flowering trees are beautiful and I'm with you on the dawn chorus of parrots!
    It's very autumnal here today but no glowing colours yet, just rain and strong winds blowing everything about.

  3. That is a great piece of Mola work. Lucky you to have Spring arriving. The weather has turned wet and very windy here today.

  4. Lovely page. My callistmons are full of wattle birds but a lorikeet flew out of one yesterday Damp and cold today.

  5. Hello Robin,

    the mola is great, absolutley wonderful.



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