Sunday, 28 August 2011

Book week parade

The Mackay Regional Council Libraries organise a wonderful book week parade at Walkerston, the small village where ny granckids attend school.  This year's theme was 'One world, many stories'.  Unfortunately I do not know much about the current crop of stories so I had great trouble identifying what the costumes were - including Hamish and Alexander.  This is Hamish in the above photo - he was the pirate who wouldn't wash!  I didn't realise I had managed to take his photo till jus now - not much good as a cheering on Granny am I!

About 200 children marched down the foorpath of the main street around the corner, then down the centre of another road back to the school for celebrations there.  The children come from the state and the catholic schools, from prep to grade 7, so a large age range.  The teachers are very good at getting involved so lots of them are dressed up as well.

I seem to have lost a couple of photos here but you can get the idea - everyone was having fun.
Then I had to take a photo of the two boys.  Poor Alexander, I didn't realise he was 'in costume'.  I should have made him turn to the back - He was 'Zac power' and had stuff attached to his back pack.  Silly me.
Rain threatened, but held off, then rained overnight and misty rain yesterday morning had us all worried as there was a guided walk and barbecue for the Gardens Friends, with 32 people coming.  We had plan B in place for the Barbecue - under cover, so I stayed there to prepare, while everyone else carried umbrellas and found the walk fascinating.  I was so tired by the time we came home I had no energy left to post.
More misty rain overnight and then an absolute pea souper of a sea fog this morning - lovely dewdrops on the Russelia, but not very good drying weather for my towels on the line.

This is a closeup of the dianella in my garden, a lovely delicate stem of flowers - didn't see the critter till I was editing the photo!  Do click on the photos to see them better.
Hot and humid this afternoon, so we will probably have the sea fog roll back in again soon - to be expected as the mango trees are all in full flower!  When the fogs roll in the moisture encourages anthracnose in the flowers and they don't set fruit so we have a very poor mango crop - and I love mangoes!


  1. The Book Parade is a lovely idea. I know some junior classes over here dress up as various characters from books, but haven't heard of any actual parades. Some of the costumes are amazing.
    Beautiful blossoms - love the rain drops. Hope you got your energy back. Sad about your mangoes - better luck next year. I bet they are delicious straight off the tree.

  2. The kids all look wonderful Robin, not to mention the grown-up!! It's so nice they organize a parade, makes it a bit more special.

    I love your flowers, the photos are so clear. I think outdoors with no sun seems to suit digital photography.

    So sorry to hear the mango crop might be a bit sad this year. I just adore them, can't wait for them to start arriving in the shops.

  3. The book parade is such a great idea. Is it already a year sine you posted about the last one??
    Beautiful flower photos.

  4. Love that Dianella, what a beautiful colour that blue is!!!


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