Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Home to chaos

This is just a quick post with no photos as I have not had time to download any yet.  I came home late yesterday afternoon to discover that the painters were due at 7am today to start painting the upstairs bathroom, toilet and storeroom!  It was amazing how quickly I managed to unpack and store suitcases etc - including what Bill had brought home with him a week ago!  Thank goodness I will now have about 10 days (I think) to pack up everything downstairs before they start there.

We had a wonderful time in Brisbane, then I enjoyed my stay in Buderim.  My sister came home from hospital a week ago and is progressing very well.  She is managing on her own now, the most frustrating part is not being able to drive, but she has wonderful family and friends available for that, and some of the jobs she really can't do on her own.

I had another injection in my eye today and the white background on the computer makes me very uncomfortable at present, so I shall come back in a day or so when I have downloaded photos.


  1. Down to earth with a bang! I hope your eye settles down soon and it's good to hear that your sister is doing so well. Hope the packing and decorating go smoothly and I that you don't negate your nice time off by working like mad to get everything ready.

  2. Yes I hope all the painting goes well for you too Robin. I am sure it will all be beautiful.

    I get goosebumps when I hear of your eye, take some time for yourself to relax too.

  3. Nice to hear you're home safe and sound Robin. Hope your eye settles down soon. Looking forward to your next post, but try to stay calm. Also good to hear your sister is managing well enough. Good luck with the painters.


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