Saturday, 10 September 2011

Swamp Orchids and going away

I had to post photos of these very beautiful swamp orchids (Phauis Tankarvilliae) growing in the shade garden of our Botanic Gardens.  The spikes are as tall as I am.  Apparently the plant is endangered in the wild, but they are flourishing here.

Isn't this beautiful?
I will be away for a couple of weeks.  Bill and I are flying out tomorrow afternoon to attend a conference in Brisbane for Walking guides of Botanic Gardens.  There will be delegates from all over Australia and a few from New Zealand - should be lots of fun.
Bill will fly home at the end of the week, but I will go up to Buderim as my sister is in quite a spot of bother.  She has badly smashed the head of the radius of her right arm and is currently in hospital.  She is not allowed to move her arm above the elbow for at least another 4 weeks, so I will stay for a week or so to sort out what she can and can't do and do what I can to help.  Buderim is a beautiful location and Barb has a glorious garden so this will not be hard to take!  I may be able to post without photos while I am there but I am not sure.  Photos of the gardens we see around Brisbane when I return.


  1. I have seen them in flower in the wild, a beautiful orchid. Sounds like a mixed trip, have fun at the Brisbane Conference, and I do hope your sisters arm gets better, but nice to spend time in Buderim.

  2. Those orchids are amazing - so exotic and beautiful. Do hope your sister is not suffering too much, and enjoy your trip.

  3. Robin, that orchid is so beautiful, and unusual. Thank you for posting it.

    Have a nice time at the convention. I hope your sister's arm will mend swiftly, and not give her too much bother later in her life. It sounds like some physiotherapy will be needed. I am sure your help will be appreciated. Enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Buderim [we spent our honeymoon there 40 years ago].

  4. What wonderful orchids. I do hope you enjoy your trip and that your sister recovers quickly.

  5. The Swamp Orchids are just beautiful. I have never seen them before.


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