Sunday, 7 August 2011

Another page and a correction

This is just a quick blog showing the latest page I have sent away for the Fibre Fever swap - a game of draughts.  I forgot to take a photo before I sent it so this is just a very small one I have lifted from the fibre fever site.  I was cross with myself after I had made the page, when I realised I should have moved some of the draughts before I stitched them on - the page would have been much more interesting.  I had to make a page showing board games or cards or such like.  some of the other pages have been very clever.
In my last post I was bemoaning the fact that the Textile Forum next year has been cancelled, when I really meant the Textile Festival.  I have had an email pointing out the difference and how much more doom and gloom there would be if the TAFTA Forum were cancelled.  That is quite a different organisation, they do wonderful stuff.
Gorgeous weather here at present, I think Spring is really arriving.  There are lots of little honeyeaters singing away in the garden, but they move so fast I have no hope of taking a photo of any of them.
Now I need to go back to finishing sewing a birthday card  to send away tomorrow.


  1. Robin I think this page is beautiful!!

  2. Your game of draughts page is wonderful Robin. I usually have my bright ideas when it's too late! Enjoy your spring - I am still hoping for a bit more summer.

  3. A great page Robin. We knew which festival you meant.

  4. Love it Robin!.
    Who makes the first move you or me.. can i play with yellow?!

  5. The page with the draughts set up ready for a game looks fine to me Robin, but then we are usually our own harshest critics!! It's quite striking actually. The weather is okay today, but feels like a chilly night ahead. We need rain again of course. We have an ibis that has decided he likes being around our houseyard, he's quite tame!! I've named him Ivan - everything has to have a name here!!


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