Thursday, 25 August 2011

I haven't been completely idle

This is a birthday card I made for the Fibre Fever birthday swap.  There are serveral birthdays in September so I need to make some more.  September is obviously a popular birthing month, we have a few family birthdays next month as well.

I have been making a few more souvenirs as my pigeonholes at the shop in the Gardens are nearly empty - still need lots more of these too.

A few more

and again. 
 With summer coming on, these bright sunshades should sell I hope.
I seem to be absent from the computer more than I am liking these days - not that I particularly care for the computer, but I do like to catch up with what everybody is doing.  My knee, in fact both knees and my feet are not behaving at all and I have lots of trouble climibing stairs - and even more trouble going down.  The computer is upstairs - and so is my workroom for that matter - so I am not always a happy vegemite!  I am off to the orthopod again on Wednesday for another cortisone injection and to line up an arthroscopy - fingers crossed that will make a big difference.


  1. All your souvenirs are beautiful Robin - no wonder they sell so fast. Love the birthday card. Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Is there any way you could move your workroom downstairs to make life easier?

  2. Robin, have you had a blood test for polymayalga rheumatica? Not sure if the spelling is correct. Often overlooked this is what I have worth asking about.

  3. Hi there Robin, love your shades and all the other souvenirs too. Wish i lived on the same continent lol.
    I am sorry to hear about your knees and feet,hoping everything will work out just fine for you!
    Big hug,

  4. What lovely souvenirs, no wonder they sell so well. I hope that your arthroscopy is successful. Heather's suggestion is a good one if you could make it work for you.

  5. I hope your knee problems improve with the summer . What a dis-incentive to work. Your pieces are lovely.

  6. All of your souvenirs, cases, and the card are just beautiful Robin. So lovely to see some of your work again, but not nice to hear you are having issues getting around still. I hope something can be done to fix this completely. Thinking of you.


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