Sunday, 31 July 2011


We introduced Jock and Sascha to each other today, and about 15 minutes later they stopped long enough for me to take this photo!  They had an absolute ball, chasing each other round and round the garden.  Sascha always had another dog to play with till she came to live with Dougal and Nikki a few weeks ago, but Jock hasn't had a playmate since he was only a few weeks old.  he turned two on 19 July - time is flying!

this is the birthday card I sent to Ati in Norway for herbirthday - part of the Fibre Fever group.  The flower heads are made from the lovely Sari silk ribbons from The Thread Studio.  I bought a couple of skeins at the Textile Festival in Brisbane, and this is the first time I have used some of them.
Sadly, the Textile Forum is no more.  Many of the exhibitors were unhappy this year and the show has been cancelled for next year.  It was wonderful for us country plebs to be able to go and see so many exciting things in one place.  Hopefully someone else will eventually run with the idea.

I was also glad to see on a recent walk in the Botanic Gardens that there are still a few trees left for the egrets to roost in.  I think it will be at least another twelve months before these trees are pulled out.
Now I had better go and dye some lace with some new dyes which I also bought at the Textile Festival.  Hopefully photos next time.


  1. Love that photo, heavens is it 2 years, how time flies.
    Thank heaven I seem to have re emerged into the land of the living having had this awful thing diagnosed. Looking back I wonder how I managed, feeling so awful for so long. Just messed up 2 perfectly good holidays!

  2. Love the photo of Jock and Sasha. It's great to watch two doggy playmates enjoying each other's company. Love the sari silk roses and it's such a shame about the Forum closing. Maybe someone will start something to take it's place. Enjoy your dyeing.

  3. Lovely photos and interesting post as always Robin. I don't know how you fit so much into your timeframe. Love the little card, Jock and Sasha appear to be having a ball, and yes, I hope the Egrets don't lose their homes. Can't wait to see what the lace looks like when you've dyed it. Cheers for now, beautiful day here today.

  4. It is good to see you back, Robin, Jock and Sasha will be great friends. You birthday card is lovely with the pretty silk ribbon flowers. It is such a shame to see the Textile fair was a wonderful opportunity for us to see some of the great work happening and to buy bueatiful threads.

  5. I can't believe that Jock is two years old already. he certainly looks well and enjoying being with his new friend. Lovely card and the scarves you have made are just beautiful. I had heard about the Textile Forum being abandoned and hope that you can find something els similar soon, if not you will just have to come to the UK for the Knitting and Stitching Show!


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