Saturday, 16 July 2011

felting yet again

I have made the scarf for my DIL in colours she chose, I am quite pleased with it, but have made a mistake - again!  I  forgot to add wisps of wool over the top of the heavy silk thread I lay out and it hasn't felted in in some places.  But I have discovered my pen style needle felting tool with one needle works a treat.  I am on roster on the Gardens desk tomorrow so now I have my task for the day.  The weather is supposed to be more of the same as we have had today - and that is horrible - so there are unlikely to be many visitors! 
Lorenza from Italy sent me this page for July for the Fibre Fever group.  All the pages are so different.

This lovely photo was taken late in the afternoon a few days ago when the weather was much nicer - looking at the old water tower at the Gardens from the other direction to the one on my header.  The egrets you can see in the tree if you click, will not be very happy now.  The trees have been cut down in the last two days to make way for the development of the next stage of the Gardens.  There will only be plants native to our immediate region planted over there.  These trees are ones which came up of their own accord many years ago.  I hate to see them go, but we do need to promote the local flora so that more are grown in home gardens around Mackay and district.


  1. Hi Robin, I like your scarves, some of the nicest things come from "mistakes"

    The fibre fever pages are great.

    The weather is rotten everywhere I think...fingers cross it will clear and warm up soon.

  2. The scarf is gorgeous and a hand needle tool can be very useful at times! You must have a great collection of pages by now Robin - they are so varied and all are lovely. It's always sad to have to cut trees down, but I'm sure the new layout with indigenous planting will be even more beautiful in time. We had two good days this week and are back to strong winds and rain for the weekend. Not very summery.

  3. The colours in the scarf are delicious.

    The hand felting tool is great to "tidy up" when you miss a piece in felting.

  4. Hello Robin, and thank you for sharing your lovely felting. I am sure by now you've needle felted your little wisps onto the main body of the scarf. I love the Fibre Fever page, the lime on the blue looks lovely.

    What a nice photograph of the water. I hope the planting [and growing] goes well. There is always something magical about water views!!

    A littler milder here so far, but more cold predicted. Some beneficial rain on Saturday, a little more needed.


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