Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A scarf, some fibre fever pages...............and life's tough

blogger has finally decided to load the pictures, even if not in the order I wanted!  I have been tryingfor the last two days to show you this page which Maria sent me from Portugal as part of the Fibre Fever swap. My theme is blue/green.

This is the page I sent to Birgit in Germany - her theme is cream/white.  We both have very easy themes - my lack of imagination is thereason for the simplicity of mine!!

this is the latest nuno felted scarf I have made, using a fine silk scarf which I dyed green.  this was a practice run before I make my Canberra DIL one for her birthday.  I am quite pleased with the results, though I would like it to have been a bit longer.  I have now worked out that if I position my ironing board right beside the table at the same height I can add another 20 cm so that is what I am doing for the next one - which will be onto silk georgette dyed a deep pinky red.

I had to post this photo of Jock - he has taken overthe chairs upstairs in the office and flakes out completely!  He likes his creature comforts.  He didn't even move when bill dropped his pet rabbit toy on top of him, and only opened an eye for a second when I took the photo.  Oh to be a dog!


  1. Beautiful pages Robin - I love all the different textures on yours. The cream/white colourway seems to accentuate them somehow, and the arrangement of them is lovely. The scarf is a great success - gorgeous colours. Jock looks a real old softy, asleep with his rabbit.

  2. I love both pages Robin, and both colour schemes. The scarf looks really good too, and I'm sure the next one will be just as appealing. Your DIL should be pleased with her gift. My goodness, Jock does look comfy. Don't they love a bit of TLC. Our's are all 'working dogs', but love special treatment at times too. I think I could really take to Jock, he reminds me of a dog my uncle had years ago - Bluey.....der!! Take care, keep calm when dealing with Blogger.


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