Monday, 21 March 2011

More from Canberra

Blogger is doing silly things tonight, but at least I can finally see the photos and not a whole lot of gobbledgook which is what happened when I first uploaded.  I hope the photo of the Wollemi Pine in the Australian National botanic Gardens starts the blog, with the close up of the cones starting to form next.  It is looking beautifully healthy now, but was pretty sick last time we were there.
I loved the play of light and shade as we walked through the Fern Walk
This wattle tree was in full flower - very early I suspect
This photo of Parliament House was taken from the Telstra Tower on Black Mountain, you really get the most magnificent views all round Canberra from there.  The huge areas of green wooded country extendin right into the city are very apparent from there.   
Hamish and Alexander came to stay for the weekend while their parents went to a wedding in Brisbane.  We visited lots of playgrounds around Mackay, this water feature in the Botanic Gardens playgarden is very popular with all small children - and some not so small ones too.  We had a lot of fun and they were very good, but I must admit to being quite happy to see them go home again too.  Now I might be able to start on catching up on stuff in my workroom - haven't done more than dump stuff on the table in there since we came home.


  1. Those trees are amazing Robin. I love ferns and have several in my garden, though not as exotic as those in Canberra. Your grandson has such a lovely cheeky smile and their energy is enviable!

  2. The tree looks lovely Robin, as well as the view from Telstra tower. Children always enjoy playing, depsite the wet weather. Please visit my blog, as I've nominated you for a virtual blogger award. Cheers.

  3. Beautiful ferns. Nature manages to bring about such wonderful recovery on most occasions.


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