Thursday, 17 March 2011

Home again

We are back home again after a very enjoyable visit to Canberra, pity that we took the hot weather with us though.  At least we missed the torrential downpours here while we were away.  We spent a lovely day with Doreen and her husband Stephen - talked non stop for hours!  We could have gone on for a lot longer too.  I had a great time seeing lots of the beautiful creations Doreen makes.

Bill and I went up the Telstra tower on Black Mountain, the view was super, though a little hazy.

These photos have got a bit muddled up, this is the view looking out the windows in Stuart and Nat's house.  They are quite high up.

We spent a lot of time wandering around the Australian National Botanic Gardens.  This wonderful old eucalypt has been there since before the land was a botanic garden.  It looks so stately.
There are always dragon lizards around, they are not the least bit worried by humans.  This fellow was a couple of feet long all stretched out, he was fascinating.
I visited the Ballet Russes exhibition at the National Gallery and was completely overawed by what I saw.  The costumes were superb and the conservators have been quite incredible in their dedication in restoring the  costumes to their former glory.  Some of them had not been cleaned since they had last been worn, probable before the second world war.
More photos another day, now I need to do some paper work - that never goes away!
Thursday morning - I thought I had lost all this last night as Google told me it had vanished when I went to load. I was so tired and cross I just went off to bed - leaving the paperwork - but this morning found it as a saved draft - hooray! Sometimes the internet is just tooo clever.


  1. I'm leaving this comment the day before you posted it - it's still Wednesday here! Wonderful photos from your trip Robin and the one of you and Doreen is lovely - it's great when you hit it off with someone. The dragon lizard is a handsome chap and I hope your gardens back home looked refreshed after all the rain.

  2. glad you had a good trip and are home safely.

  3. The way Bill was carrying on when he was taking those photo's I thought for sure he wouldn't get a good one but he did.
    The other photo's are great too.
    We are on the countdown now for our trip to Perth eight and a half hours to liftoff.

  4. Lovely to have you back Robin, and how nice you managed to arrange a visit to a fellow blogger. Isn't the internet a grand way to meet like-minded people. Pity everyone wouldn't use it for good things.... Lovely photos, especially the old eucalypt. Hope you have the office work sorted out and can find a bit of you time. BTW, I love the goodies in your last post. I just didn't have a moment to comment on there, still coming to terms with ENZO [new computer]. Take care.

  5. It looks like you have had a lovely trip.
    I saw that photo on Doreen's blog :)
    It is wonderful to meet an internet friend in "real"!


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