Sunday, 6 March 2011

Felting workshop

I canh hardly move today I am so tired, but we had a wonderful day felting yesterday with Katelyn Aslett, a very talented felting artist from Townsville.  There were just eight of us, enough to feed off each other's inspiration but not too many for Kate to get around to help.

The bag above and below were made in one piece with a piece of synthetic fabric inside to make the pocket in the felting process.  The pictures have got out of order, mine is a couple of photos down.

This will be cut up and felted a bit more before being added to a cape as decoration - I wish I had managed to take a photo of the cape, the lady making it was very talented too.

these are flower brooches made by Katelyn - I think I may try my hand at making some a bit smaller than these - they are about 10 cm across.  I love them, but they seem a bit big to me for brooches.

This lovely scarf is my creation - with plenty of help from Katelyn.  The pink is a very vibrant colour which does not like my camera, I have taken about 6 photos in different positions and backgrounds and this is the best I can come up with.  I hope I can wear it later this week when we head off to Canberra for a few days.  I see the overnight temperatures have been down to 6 or 7 degrees.  Knowing my luck, the next heat wave will strike while we are down there!  I am sure I shall enjoy the drier atmosphere anyway - and I am looking forward to catching up with Doreen while we are there.


  1. I love the colour of the scarf. It looks so soft and pretty.

    Enjoy your time in Canberra.

  2. Your scarf is beautiful Robin - just thinking about making felt makes my arms tired!! The bags and flowers are great too - you must all have had a lovely day. Enjoy your trip to Canberra, even if you don't get to wear the scarf!

  3. What gorgeous pieces you all created.


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