Thursday, 31 March 2011

April fabric page, colour challenge and RAIN

This lovely page arrived in the mail today from Ritva in Finland.  My chosen theme this year is blue/green, leaving lots of scope to be as simple or as complicated as yu wish.

I have loaded these photos in the wrong order - the colour palette is at the bottom.  Once again this took me a long way out of my comfort zone, but that is probably a very good thing.

I have a couple of lovely new stamps from Dale which I used on the insides of these padfolios.

I wonder what the next colour way will be.

I haven't shown anything from my garden for ages, but this Whitfieldia longifolia has just started flowering, a new plant for me, comes from South Africa I think, and looks really nice.  It is also supposed to be very hardy.

We are just getting rain, rain, and more rain here - 900 mm so far for March, and still a few hours of rain to go yet!  I took my camera outside to see what I could find - only stepping on hard surfaces, you sink if you step off onto the grass.  The rain drops are just sitting on the ixora leaves.

And this is where our pavers abut the lawn - which was only mown 5 days ago and desperately needs doing again - no floats on our lawn mower though!
I hope blogger puts these photos up today.


  1. Robyn, the pad folios are really lovely. Great use of the colours.

  2. That's a lovely page Robin, and your padfolios are super - beautiful colours. Your plants are looking very lush after (and during!) all that rain. I hardly dare say it, but we could do with some. The trouble is, once it starts it doesn't know when to stop.

  3. Great page Robin, a great colour choice. Love the notebook holders, you've captured the colour pallette well I'd say, and such a great selection this time - feeling tempted...... I like your new plant, and completely sympathize with you and all the rain you've been having. We lament the lack of it, but are becoming rather bored with it now too. The men just need to get onto the paddocks to plant something and fix fences!!! Have a great weekend.

  4. I saw your photos on the Flickr site. Definitely not your normal colour way but you have made it work so well. I think you are getting our share of rain at the moment.


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