Thursday, 16 December 2010

A post withut photos

My camera is not talking to me at present and I can't work out what is wrong, but I suspect I will need to take it to a technician to have it looked at.  This is NOT a good time of year for anything like that, they are all in holiday mode and probably shutting down completely for at leat two weeks after Christmas.  You don't realise how much you use it till it is not there.

Our grandson Hamish turned five today - a very big day in his life as he was then old enough to be able to go to the children's workshop at the Botanic Gardens!  he and his older brother Alexander made some lovely christmas decorations, now hanging near their tree at home.  We have just returned from having dinner with them, we had to admire the Christmas lights they have strung on their windmill - they look lovely, a windmill makes a wonderful shape and looks like a tree at night.  Of course I can't show you what it looks like ........grrrrr....

I have been making a few Christmas decorations myself, and at last I have made two cakes.  I have cut up fruit for the first boiled plum pudding, so I am starting to get my act together for Christmas.  The grandchildren have overloaded the tree with every piece of tinsel and bauble they could find, but they had heaps of fun doing it and they think it looks lovely so that is all that matters.

The rain has gone away for the moment and the heat has arrived in a big way. We had to cancel the Carols in the Gardens, the ground is so soaked that people could not possibly sit on it.  Of course, the sun has been drying it out so Dale, our curator, is most upset, but the storms are getting closer to us all the time and we would only need a couple of millimetres to have a lake instead of a lawn!  There have been massive hailstorms in south east Queensland, with over 70,000 homes blacked out early tonight.  I am glad that is not us.
I will try to take some photos tomorrow with Bill's camera, this is frustrating.


  1. I finally got my Christmas pudding made today and it smells wonderful.

  2. Hello Robin, sorry to hear of your frustration with the camera, and hope you get it sorted out soon. I would be beside myself. I hope things dry out a little for Christmas, it's getting way beyond a joke now!! Thankfully, we were not in the path of that dreadful storm yesterday. I suppose with the storm cells still hanging around it's still a gamble. We have a wet weekend predicted again........ Lovely to hear the children had fun with the decorating. I made two Christmas cakes today, and will make two more tomorrow, no pudding though, it's trifle and pavlova for our gang here.

  3. Glad to hear that your rain has gone a way for a while, what a pity the Carol concert had to be cancelled. Hope you get your camera fixed soon.

  4. How frustrating for you - your photos are always so interesting. I shall look forward to your next post. We are anticipating plummeting temperatures this weekend and maybe even a White Christmas. Do hope the storms forecast for Australia aren't as bad as the one's you've already had. Don't get too hot in the kitchen!


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