Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A busy week and a fabric page

Blogger would not let me in yesterday fo some reason and these photos have loaded in the wrong order today!  This is the time of the year for all the Christmas breakup parties.  Hamish's Kindy teachers did a fabulous job organising a concert, and having to move to a hall in another location as the continuing rain made it impossible to have an outside concert at Kindy.

Santa brought every child a book, Hamish loves his.

Hannah won an award at her school awards night.  This was a lovely night of celebration, now soured because some awful arsonists lit a fire which burnt down a wing of the school two nights ago - containing classrooms, computer room, storage rooms for sporting equipment.  It is hard to understand the mentality of some people. 

This is not a very good photo as I hadn't thought to take my camera so used my phone instead.  Last Friday, in the middle of the pouring rain - we had something like 200mm during the morning, the library hosted a party for the housebound clients.  I was saturated collecting my passenger, but we got her and all the others, several in wheelchairs, into the library keeping them pretty dry.  The librarians go to so much trouble, puting on a wonderful spread - nobody eats lunch after this, and the council staff come along to sing carols.  This year they had a choir of children from a multicultural playgroup as well.  The children were gorgeous, having heaps of fun themselves.  This is one of my favourite Christmas parties every year, and in over 18 years, this is the first one which has been on such an awfully wet day - our luck had to run out some time!
This photo was supposed to be at the top of the list, my fabric page for December from Wendy.  I will have a lovely collection of such varied pieces at the end.


  1. I've seen some lovely fabric pages during my blog hopping, and Wendy's page is no exception. The children look so sweet all lined up on the stage. Glad it all went well in spite of the arson attack, and congrats to Hannah on her award. I bet the elderly and disabled appreciated your efforts and I hope it stops raining soon.

  2. Congratulations to your Hannah, Robin. The children look like they are enjoying themselves, not to mention the senior citizens. How good of you all to make such an effort each year to entertain those less fortunate. What a shame the torrential rain made it so difficult. I love your page, how very elegant it is. Sorry to hear Blogger has been giving you grief. I just give up sometimes. And, thank you for your kind comments on my latest needlecase. Your support means a lot to me. We are hoping for a few more fine days. Thankfully, we are out of flood reach here. I have not had a moment to answer your email. Take care.

  3. You photos are great. One of the thing sI miss most about the children growing up are the school and kindy xmas breakup concerts.

    I like Wendy's fabric page.

    They say this rain is going to keep on through summer...yuk enough!


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