Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fabric page from Lise

 This is my December page from Lise in Norway - her explanation of how she did it is shown below.  Click on the phots to enlarge for the detail.  they are lovely.
She added this postcard as well, with the explanation written on the back.

I alway thought Willy Wagtails only ate small insects, but this one was having a lovely time with a small skink, eventually ate the lot I think.  Jock and I were standing very still, but a walker came from the other direction so the bird flew away, still with the skink in its beak.  I was amazed how still Jock stayed.

This photo is a close up of the pink cassia - Cassia Javanica - Blogger won't load the other photos of the tree at present - perhaps later.  The tree makes a beautiful show at this time of the year.

Now I need to run away and make a few more preparations for Christmas, which has now been moved to our house - too wet at our son's place.  The forecast is for somewhere between 200 and 500 mls rain over the next three days - I hope they are wrong!  We will have fun anyway and this may be better than the white stuff in the northern hemishpere.  Have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are.


  1. What lovely cards to receive.
    The bird and the flowers are lovely too.
    I trust the weather will not spoil your Christmas celebrations and that you have a wonderful time.

  2. The fabric page and postcard are both beautiful Robin - Lise is a clever lady. Your wagtails look larger than ours but both types are cheeky. Those blossoms are a cheering sight - I've enjoyed the beauty of the snow but am looking forward to Spring. Happy Christmas and hope you stay dry(ish)!

  3. What a lovely page and postcard. Jock was probably shocked into stillness at that sight! Thanks for the pink cassia, a welcome sight in our white wonderland. Hope that Christmas goes well and is not too wet.

  4. Happy Christmas Robin
    lovely work from Lise, lucky you.

  5. Lovely card and page Robin. Thank you for taking the time to share with your blogging friends. I always appreciate seeing the beautiful things made by our peers. I do love the wagtail, survival, isn't it great. The cassia is a delight. I do hope you will all enjoy your day tomorrow despite the weather. We are watching the river height as it is a little concerning for tomorrow's planned travel......... Happy Christmas to all in FNQ.


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