Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fibre Fever page for Marja

This is the page I made for Marja in Holland for December - her theme is birds.  I was going very cross eyed trying to sew this, so stopped with the simple image I have there.  I think I can see better now I have a prism in my graduated lenses, but I am waiting for my reading glasses to arrive.  Then I expect a miracle!!!!

The flame trees are all coming into bloom at the Gardens and they look at their best with grey skies - just as well with the weather we have been having.

These seeds from the foxtail palms are making a stectacular show right beside the deck where people go to the cafe.
We actually have a bit of a break in the rain, so Bill is out mowing everything he can get too without needing floats on the mower.  We shouln't complain, we have no flooding as such, not like the poor souls further south.  Everyone from Theodore has been evacuated now.  Pets were originally not being allowed to go, but thankfully that rule was changed.  Some of the old people were very distressed at leaving their pets behind.  I imagine Bill would flatly refuse to go anywhere if we had to leave Jock behind to fend for himself!
Our Gardens curator is in Bundaberg, not going anywhere in a hurry.  I think his family is on high ground, but there is a lot of flooding there too.  This reminds me very much of the 1950s, major flooding was a summer occurrence every year.  Graziers had to paint the names of their properties on the rooves of their woolsheds or similar so the army/air force could see where they were to drop food parcels - for stock as well as people.  There were no deep freezes etc then to store food for long periods.  Times have changed for the better.
We are off to celebrate with our 15 year old grandson tonight for his birthday.  The water table is level with the surface of the land out there so I will need my wellies to walk in to the house.  The land is dead flat so there is nowhere for the water to run away.  We will all still enjoy ourselves.


  1. A lovely page Robin, owls seem to be really fashionable over here at the moment. Glad that you are not flooded but it is interesting to read that it was a regular occurrence in the 50s. I wonder if all this 'unusual' weather that we are all getting is only viewed as such because there is so much more media coverage. I remember regular winters with heavy snowfall when I was a child but now everyone seems to be surprised by it all.

  2. Love the owl Robin. So glad your eye treatment is improving your sight and hope the specs won't be long now. The flame trees and foxtail palm seeds are amazing. Hope the floods soon subside - it sounds awful. Keep safe and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. That owl is so cute Robin, just love it, love owls. Pleased you are feeling more positive with the new lenses. The flame tree looks spectacular. We would not leave without our animals either. I believe all of the Condamine township are to be evacuated today, no questions asked, just get in the chopper and go. We are still high and dry thank heavens, but water rising, flat covered in water. Enjoy the evening, and hope that heavy rain is behind you. I don't know how you bear it.

  4. the owl looks lovely, I have been wondering if you have had a bit of a dry patch. It all looks incredible but John says the same thing, people have forgotten that sometimes this is all too normal, floods and fire, they dont seem to be able to cope as well as they once did.


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