Friday, 7 May 2010

I have been making some more souvenirs using bits of fabric which I have altered from the original failures.  I like this fabric on the glasses case now, it has had many different colours sprayed and painted on it, finally I stencilled with Jacquard metallic olive green and stitched around the images.
I have upgraded my google loading and I am just learning what to do.  I think it will be much easier to use than the previous image loader, but I thought I had lost everything for a few minutes.  This image is of a couple of business card holders I have made, following up on a suggestion from one of the other Friends.  She commented that women like something other than black leather, I confess I had never thought about it before, we will see if they sell.
I have had some more fun with the stitches on my newer Bernina, embroidering over the silk paper I made from some goodies I received from Dale.
We are going away for a week so I shan't be posting again for a little while.  This will be a holiday for me, but Bill will be running a sugar technologists conference in Bundaberg.  The partners have a special sightseeing pregramme organised for them which always involves a lot of eating very special foods - the diet will need to come to the fore when I return I am sure.  It is rude to say you don't like the food your hostess is providing.........isn't it?  That will be my excuse anyway.
Talk to you in a week or so, with probably some interesting photos to show.  Cheers.


  1. Lovely items. The glasses case is very effective - great use of failures. I like the business card holders, so much more personal. Good to see that you are having fun playing with the Bernina.

    Look forward to the photos of your trip - enjoy.

  2. Have a good time Robin and tell Bill to watch what he eats or he will end up tubby like me.

  3. I love what you have done with your fabrics Robin and all of the new souvenirs are gorgeous. I'd want to buy one of everything! Have a great week away and forget about the diet!!

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