Monday, 24 May 2010

Fabric page and a paper wasp nest

I received this lovely page for the May swap in Fibre fever.  It was made by Suzanne in Germany and I just love it.  Do click on the image to enlarge it to see more detail.  I can't show you the page I made for Yoke yet as she is away and has not received it yet.  Now I have to think about a page on the theme of Doors for June - this is all a challenge for me and is making me do things I haven't attempted before.

This incredible paper wasp's nest was brought into the Botanic Gardens this morning while I was there.  I didn't have my camera with me, but thought I would try out the camera in my new phone.  It worked a treat, but then I had to work out how to get the photos onto the computer and an hour or so later I had downloaded the software the instructions said I needed - then I used the same method I have used for my other camera!!!  I suppose I will use the new software sometime.

When you click to enlarge these photos you can really see the texture of the outside paper they have made, I would love to use it somehow in a textile.  The wasps which build these hives are very small and almost black, quite different from the paper wasps I grew up with in southern inland Queensland.  If you don't disturb the nest these wasps will apparently leave you alone and live in harmony with you - or so I am told.
I have had some comments left quite frequently on my blog from a Chinese person.  I would love to reply, but I cannot understand Chinese and I can't manage to translate the comments box into English - if you read this can you please manage a translation for me.
Now it is time to take the dog for a walk, he hasn't had enough exercise lately and is getting into every sort of mischief he can find.


  1. The nests are fantastic!! Years ago when rebuilding an old house, we found some in the walls, and the young carpenter thought it was a kind of oldfashioned insulation...I suppose it's me who has given you the challenge for next month's book page??

  2. Those nests are real works of art.

  3. What a beautiful page. I had a wasps nest in my hedge last year and it was such an amazing feat of construction,

  4. The nests are interesting.
    I have had some bad spam in chinese, they seem to target random blog posts and seem to be of a sexual intent, not sure if ads or not. I delete, delete.

  5. Robin, lovely page, lucky you. Look forward to seeing 'yours'. Great shots of the nest, what texture, great subject matter for textiles. Glad you had your phone with you!!!


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