Thursday, 20 May 2010

Childers streetscape

The partners programme at the conference took us to nearby Childers one day.  This is a photo of the backpackers hostel Which was the scene of a terrible tragedy 10 years ago next month.  A disgruntled fruitpicker who had been evicted for non-payment of rent came back and set the building alight.  Fifteen young backpackers from all over the world were burnt to death.  The front section ofthe building was all that could be saved and has now been turned into a visitors information centre, art gallery and museum to the young backpackers.  An artist travelled to each of the homes of the backpackers and made some wonderful collections of photos which are set into the back of a huge glass wall.  He also painted a mural including all the young folk's faces - although one is in shadow as they couldn't find any relatives to give some photos.  It is beautifully done and very moving.  Hopefully the standards for backpacker hostels are now being enforced much better so another tragedy like that can never happen again.

Childers is a thriving small town in the centre of a large small crop area, as well as sugar cane.  The main street has become a pavement gallery.  These two gorgeous boobook owls are part of it - sorry for the person in the photo of Mum, there were too many people around to get a clear photo.  The boobook owl is the totem for the local aboriginal tribe. 
There are dozens of these tile mosaics set into the footpath, telling the story of the development of Childers from the early settlement to the present day.  They really draw you along the whole length of the main street.
I can't make blogger place these photos where I want them - aarrggh!  Hopefully they will stay here now.  Towards the end of the walk along the pavement you come to a wonderful old pharmacy which has been preserved as a museum, with all the old bottles and equipment from the early twentieth century still there.  I am very glad the dentist has betterequipment than this to use on my teeth!! 
If you click on the photos to enlarge them you will probably be able to read a lot of the labels.  There were some huge mortars and pestles displayed which the pharmacist obviously used to grind up and mix powders etc.
I had to take a photo of this Underwood typewriter as I learned to type on one just like that in the early fifties!
I have had enough of trying to get photos and typing where I want it so that is enough for tonight.  Thanks to all who have commented on my blog in the last few days.  I accidentally deleted quite a few emails so I have been rather remiss in replying!


  1. I remember that tragedy Robin although was surprised that it was ten years ago. What a lovely way to commemorate those young lives.

  2. Childers sounds a fascinating place. I remember hearing of that tragedy on our news - what a lovely memorial to all those young people. Love the pavement art but not so sure about the dentist's chair! I learned to type on a machine just like that old Underwood too.

  3. Lovely photos again Robin, and excellent review of the town. I've not been there, and do remember the tragedy. Love the owls.

    I am having dramas with blogger too, I suppose we must plug on.

    Well done though, such an informative entry.

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