Thursday, 29 April 2010

My CUE for this week

Not much to offer tonight - just this little notebook pad with a pocket which I have made to go into my overcrowded handbag. Pocket was the subject of this week's CUE.

I was experimenting to see what would work and not be too rough to slip easily in and out. This was a piece of fabric I made for the Technique of the month in March. I added an elastic cord to the outside, which I stitched over. I will use the pad for a while, then decide what I will do in future.

We have actually had three days without any rain - almost a drought!!! It can't last though, far too hot and muggy for this time of the year, so obviously more rain is on the way. At least the builder came back and anchored the garden shed to the concrete and put the shelving inside, so now we can move some (I really hope only SOME) of the stuff back in. A trip to the dump would be a good idea for a lot of it, but I suspect Bill has other ideas. Now we have to wait for them to put some new roofing on the green house..........sometime......
I am typing this with my new glasses on my nose...yippee! I think they are making a difference, I only got them late this afternoon and I haven't used the sewing machine yet, I am looking forward to that tomorrow. I also received my new orthotics yesterday, what a week. My purse is a lot lighter, but my feet and eyes are happier. Cheers.


  1. Great note book cover Robin--you won't know yourself now with new feet and eyes.

  2. Great notebook cover Robin. I like the idea of the elasticated cord. There'll be no stopping you now you have your new glasses and feet.

  3. Love your little notebook Robin and so glad you have happy eyes and feet. Both are so important. We have rain today and more for tomorrow I believe - the garden already looks fuller and fresher.

  4. Great fabric Robin, and an excellent idea for your handbag. Hope the glasses help with your stitching, not that I can a need for it mind you.

  5. I would love to reply to my Chinese follower but as I can't read Mandarin I have not been able to understand anything till this last comment. I am glad you have obviously been enjoying my blog. Do you have one too? I can get translations for the blogs, but not the comments. Cheers, Robin


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